OSI Geospatial Inc. (TSX: OSI; OTCBB: OSIIF) announced today that it has launched a new product for the military and security markets. The Asset Control and Tracking (ACT) system is a versatile and fully scalable solution based on terrestrial communications. It is designed to provide military and security operations the ability to track a wide range of assets and ensure close command and control of these assets in high tempo situations. The company has signed its first contract to deliver the new product to a Canadian Navy Port Security Unit.

ACT is an innovative, effective and flexible command and control solution that can be deployed on land, air or sea based assets. The system is designed to address the unique demands of operating scenarios, such as Riverine Warfare, Maritime Interdiction Operations, Amphibious Operations and Port Security Operations.

“We are very excited about the market potential for this new product and I am pleased that our first customer is the Canadian Navy. I am confident that we will generate substantial business from this new product in 2008 “, says Ken Kirkpatrick, president and CEO. “This product provides our company with significant opportunity both to expand our business with existing customers and to expand into the port security market”.

The company’s world lead ECPINS software is at the core of the ACT system. The ACT system can be installed as a stand alone system or integrated into an existing ECPINS installation. The company has installed or been contracted to install ECPINS systems on more than 300 warships. All of these warships are a candidate for an ACT system upgrade.