One of the problems encountered by landing craft coxswains, amphibious beach units and special forces is the lack of a reliable GPS signal when leaving the well deck of a landing platform dock. Another problem is the fact that the SkyDec-developed Tactiplot MKIII gives a “lost GPS signal” accompanied by an audio alarm when entering a dock ship.

The solution, developed by SkyDec BV, is a GPS signal repeater that brings the GPS signal into the well deck. The system consists of a GPS antenna, coaxial cable and a tailor-made repeater. The feedback received from the end user is very promising. They have eight to nine satellites on their systems and when leaving the ship are “ready to roll” without delay.

The system works on L1 and L2 band and is a great improvement in the situational awareness of the landing craft coxswains and special forces once they have left the ship.