DSIT Solutions, a subsidiary of Acorn Energy, announced today that it has received a $1.7 million order for its AquaShield™ underwater security system.

The system, to be used by a large energy facility at an undisclosed location in Asia, will guard and protect the customer infrastructure from underwater intrusion and sabotage. The system will include multiple AquaShield diver detection sonar (DDS) units, which will be combined and integrated into a comprehensive surveillance system.

Dan Ben-Dov, DSIT’s VP of sales and marketing, commented, “This order represents another step towards our leadership in the underwater site security market. The process began with DSIT’s sale of its DDS system to a European oil terminal, which, according to Jane’s International Defence Review, is believed to mark the first commercial sale of a diver detection device to protect a coastal energy installation. We are currently experiencing a growing demand for our products due in part to the surge in terrorist activities around the globe. This order marks the second customer procuring the AquaShield system in the last three months.”

The order is an integral part of the customer’s security programme. Discussion on procurement of future AquaShield DDS systems for additional sites is in progress.

DSIT’s CEO, Benny Sela, added, “The AquaShield DDS is in the water and operational at sites where harsh weather and rough sea conditions are present. The system has proved extremely reliable, operating around the clock. AquaShield is now a mature product ready to be installed anywhere in the world. This is yet another example of DSIT’s transformation of its sonar solutions to advanced operational products.”