LINKSrechts is proud to announce it is delivering four night vision goggle (NVG) compatible flight deck lighting systems for the upgrade of the Almirante Padilla Class frigates.

The system includes deck lighting, the newest generation glide path indicator and a horizon reference system. Additionally the hangar lighting as well as the lighting for adjacent rooms (i.e. refueling rooms and heli control room) will be equipped with special LED lights that are being used for main lighting as well as NVG compatible lighting.

An advantage for configuration as the selected is the use of the equipment for both operations with and without NVGs meeting operational needs and aviation safety requirements. The complete system uses LEDs and meets the operational requirement of illumination without infrared radiation as well as international military requirements for NVG compatible flight operations from ships.

The system is equipped with unique features like the integrated NVG mode. This mode allows selecting between normal operation mode and NVG operation mode, when the goggle is being used by the pilot. This great feature has been developed with our worldwide customers meeting current requirements for naval aviation. In addition to the hardware we are also providing support for the use of the system and special crew trainings for the ship’s crew as well as additional operational support for the aviation department.

Life demonstrations with the aviation, technical and naval department of the Colombian Navy demonstrated the abilities of NVG compatible equipment with the result that we fully gained the trust of the end-user of our technology that allows the unrestricted use of NVG with the deck and ship’s crew maintaining full visibility on the flight deck at the same time.

After a short project phase that started in May 2010 we managed to deliver the first two systems in January 2011 with two more systems to follow in March 2011.