The US Government selected Marine Fenders International, a manufacturer of marine fendering systems, to supply our Ocean Guard™ foam filled marine fenders to protect sensitive naval assets at US Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Pearl Harbor is located on the south coast of Oahu in Hawaii. The Naval Station Pearl Harbor supports 50 home- ported fleet units and 24 submarines, since merging with SUBASE.

The supply order consisted of 16 each of 10ft diameter by 18ft long Ocean Guard™ Netless foam filled fenders with integral swivel end fittings. The fender end fittings are sized to accept a 2 inch shackle.

These resilient tough marine fenders are constructed with a heat laminated energy absorbing resilient foam core; a thick tough filament nylon tire cord reinforced non-marking urethane skin; and heavy duty integral swivel end fittings internally connected with a stud-link chain.

Ocean Guard Netless foam filled fenders efficiently absorb significant amounts of energy with a low corresponding reaction force, lower than pneumatic or rubber buckling fenders.

These 10ft diameter by 18ft long Ocean Guard Netless foam filled fenders are designed to absorb 1,258 ft-kips (174 ton-m) of energy when 60 percent compressed with a corresponding load of 468 kips (212 tons).

The installation of these fenders took full advantage of their floating capabilities, thus providing optimal fendering at all tides. Additionally providing the appropriate standoff required by various naval vessels.

The resilient nature of a foam-filled Ocean Guard Netless Fender give it the unique ability to conform to a vessel’s hull contours and extremities, such as rub rails. The hull conforming feature eliminates point loading, which cans occur with panel type fenders, on hull contours therefore evenly distributing energies over a greater surface area. This results in much lower hull pressures. The foam core construction not only provides a sink proof construction but also lower hull pressure than pneumatic fenders. This lower hull pressure is an imperative consideration for naval ships.

Marine Fenders International’s, Ocean Guard and Ocean Cushion foam filled fenders are constructed and designed for the worlds toughest environments.