Now available from Schroff is a range of 19in. subracks that can withstand the rigorous and demanding environmental conditions found in many naval applications, particularly where equipment is subjected to extreme levels of shock and vibration.

Featuring a robust aluminium construction, the europacPRO subracks are designed to provide high mechanical stability to protect the electronic systems mounted within them.

To verify their durability and stability under shock and vibration, the subracks have been thoroughly tested by an independent test house in accordance with a number of industry standards, including IEC 61587-1, and EN 50155.

These RoHS-compliant subracks are available unshielded or with EMC cover plates and contact strips to provide typical shielding levels of 40dB at 1GHz and 30dB at 2GHz.

The subracks are 84HP wide and can be specified with heights of 3U or 6U and depths of 235 or 320mm. A comprehensive range of accessories is also available, including card guides, front panels and plug-in units.