OceanServer Technology will be launching several new technologies at the Undersea Defense Technology conference to be held at the London ExCel Centre, June 7th-9th.

OceanServer has recently introduced an integrated marine sonic HDS sidescan sonar in the 600/1200 (kHz) range, which will be supported on most EP35 and EP42 AUV models. This new sonar option will come standard with OceanServer’s Sonar Mosaic software for rapid analysis and display in VectorMap (the Iver2 mission planner).

OceanServer will also be displaying the ‘Iver Track’ command and control software, based on Iridium short burst data messaging. ‘Iver Track’, supported on the full range of Iver AUVs, takes advantage of cloud computing to enable global users to monitor vehicle progress, access real-time vehicle data, issue limited commands to the Iver AUV in real-time, and log vehicle history. For additional information, please visit OceanServer during UDT at Stand C21.

The Iver Platform

All Iver2 AUV models come standard with OceanServer’s VectorMap Mission Planning and Data Presentation tool, which provides geo-registered data files that can be easily exported to other software analysis tools. This unique AUV design has enabled OceanServer to carve out a very strong position in the research space for autonomous underwater vehicles, sensors and behavioural studies. The VectorMap program can input NOAA ENCs or any geo-referenced charts, maps or photo images, allowing the operator to intuitively develop AUV missions using simple point-and-click navigation.

The base vehicle, with a starting price at just over $50,000, gives university, government and commercial users an affordable base-platform for sensor development or survey applications in water quality, sub-surface security and general research.