The EMC shielding prescribed in the AdvancedMC, AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA specifications requires that unused slots be closed. This can be done using, for example, AdvancedMC filler modules. These cover any gaps that may be present in an AdvancedMC carrier or a MicroTCA system in which one or more slot does not contain a function module. Filler modules can also be used to control the airflow in a slot by means of optional air deflectors, thus contributing to more effective cooling. Schroff has now developed new filler modules that are up to 50 % lower in cost than previous versions.

Named ECO, the fillers in this range consist of a plastic PCB, a front panel and a plastic module handle. The front design matches that of earlier filler modules. Locking of the ECO module is by means of a snap-in fixing on the PCB that engages with the guide rail. The extractor handle is rigid and without the familiar handle mechanism (push, push-pull etc). This type of filler is thus not suitable for use with a microswitch for hot-swap functionality. To allow optimal airflow in the system, retrofittable air deflectors in aluminium plate can be simply clipped to the plastic board. The plastic covers for insertion onto the air deflectors can be cut individually to suit and serve to regulate the volume of airflow.

The new ECO filler modules are available for all sizes of single and double AdvancedMC modules.