The Varistar 19in cabinet from electronics packaging specialist Schroff has been designed to withstand demanding environments such as those associated with shipborne and mobile applications.

Providing maximum protection for sensitive electronic systems, the Varistar cabinet has been thoroughly tested by an independent test house in accordance with IEC 61587-1 DL5 and DL6 and MIL-STD-901D standards to verify its durability and stability under conditions of extreme shock and vibration. It has also been tested to IEC 61587-2 to confirm its integrity when subjected to earthquake conditions.

The cabinet’s robust, heavy-duty frame offers a high degree of rigidity and can carry equipment weighing up to 800kg. For the most critical applications, optional shock absorbers are available to provide additional protection.

In addition to its outstanding mechanical stability, Varistar is sealed to IP55 standard to prevent the ingress of dust and moisture, and it offers exceptional shielding performance of 60dB at 1GHz and 40dB at 3GHz.