OSI Geospatial is pleased to announce that it has signed a $2.2m contract with the UK Ministry of Defence to provide a fleetwide license for use by the UK Royal Navy (RN).

The RN currently employs OSI’s tactical navigation software and systems across 75 naval platforms, including submarines. OSI’s systems have been employed by the RN since 2004. This new fleetwide licence enables the RN to establish a common software baseline across all of its current platforms. The licence further enables the RN to deploy OSI’s ECPINS technology across a wide range of new naval users, ranging from small specialised craft and land based operations, to new platforms such as the RN’s T45 Destroyers, Astute Class submarines and future new build platforms.

“The RN’s continued confidence and commitment to OSI’s proven ECPINS technology is very satisfying for the entire OSI Geospatial team,” said Walter Purio, OSI’s President and CEO. “This important fleetwide licence contributes to an increasingly robust relationship with the RN and paves the way for a continued, mutually beneficial relationship with one of our key naval customers.”

“The Royal Navy’s continued investment in OSI’s world leading ECPINS product is a clear demonstration of the navigational and tactical benefits that ECPINS brings to the user,” said Jim Davison, director of customer relations.

ECPINS-W Sub is the most advanced military navigational application available today and is the only ECDIS product that has been type approved against the NATO WECDIS STANAG 4564. ECPINS-W Sub provides the user with full WECDIS functionality, as well as with a number of advanced tools, both navigational and tactical, that provide best of class operational capability. Currently deployed and operational on over 400 warships, across 14 different navies, OSI’s ECPINS products provide the naval customer with significant cutting-edge technology.