Scandinavian Micro Systems today announces, from its Norwegian headquarters in Kolbotn, Oslo, the introduction of the newest NMEA to the synchro converter and drive unit: the ScanRepeater® Model SR03-01.

"We are excited to come to market with this newest ScanRepeater®; it is a real money-saver when owners want to exchange their old gyrocompass," stated Scandinavian Micro Systems CEO and president, Oddbjorn Steinsland. "We have to keep pace with this ever-changing industry, making sure our products have the technological edge."

Installation is fast: using 24VDC power, simply connect the SR03-01 output to the existing mechanical repeater distribution box, arrange NMEA heading information from your new gyrocompass, use the set-up menu to select the correct synchro format, and connect.

The SR03-01 is powerful enough to drive 12 mechanical synchro repeaters, and has easy-to-use programming features:

  • Drives virtually any type of mechanical synchro repeater, such as Amur (500HZ), Anschutz, Plath, Hokushin, Kurs, Microtecnica, Sperry, Tokimec, VEGA and Yokogawa
  • Gear ratios of 1X, 36X, 90X and 360X
  • All program information permanently stored (flashed)
  • In a power outage the unit will always output the correct synchro signals when power is restored.

SR03-01 accepts two independent heading data inputs; heading one is the primary heading input, and is backed-up by heading two (secondary). If for some reason the primary heading should fail, SR03-01 will automatically switch over to the secondary heading.

The SR03-01 has a built in easy-to-read LCD display, and a three-button control panel for easy set-up and configuration.

Also included on the control panel is a synchro on/off switch and a red alarm lamp/button that alerts crew members in the case of a critical fault. In the event of an error situation a buzzer will sound and a separate external alarm signal will be activated. The LCD display will automatically display the relevant error information to pinpoint the cause.

SR03-01 has several alarm-detection modes; the most important are missing / faulty serial data input, input protocol error, output over-load and excessive internal-temperature. The error alert signal can be silenced by simply pushing the red alarm lamp / button on the front panel, but it can also be done from a central alarm panel.

The control-panel display gives as quick an overview of unit status, including the difference between primary and secondary heading, the temperature inside the unit and the current consumption on the 24VDC supply voltage.

The SR03-01 can also be set up for driving the light bulbs on certain Hokushin/Yokogawa repeaters. This will, however, reduce the number of mechanical repeaters that can be connected to the SR03-01 unit.

The SR03-01 is also available with a remote control unit (SR03-03) that can be connected via a dedicated RS422 port and placed on the bridge. The remote control unit has an identical control-panel and alarm sound device.