Diginext enters a new phase with the award of two major contracts that reinforce its position on the defence systems market and recognise its expertise in the design of navigation systems.

Already selected by DCNS group to supply the navigation control units for the FREMM, BARRACUDA and SCORPENE programs, Diginext just won two major contracts to supply:

  • 40 MilGPS systems (P(Y) code SAASM GPS receivers) to the French Fleet Support Services department. The MilGPS receiver, the most recent addition to Diginext’s navigation product line, will equip the main units of the French Navy. It is the first 100% European SAASM receiver dedicated to naval applications and will soon also be deployed on board the ships of the Dutch Royal Navy.
  • Loran C long-range receivers for the ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) of the French Strategic Oceanic Force. Developed by Diginext from a new digital Loran C receiver concept, these receivers utilise cutting-edge signal processing technology. Designed for applications in which the range and integrity requirements of the navigation solution are of prime importance, they provide superior navigation in terms of durability, accuracy and responsiveness compared with conventional receivers. This project is carried out in collaboration with DCNS.

“These business successes illustrate Diginext’s technological potential and innovative capacity, and strengthen our positioning as the undisputed French leader in this field,” says Thomas Fourquet, CEO of Diginext.