ShipWeight, a leading provider of weight engineering software tools that are useful for measuring a structure’s weight attributes, is pleased to announce that the US Navy has acquired a ShipWeight license for the use in their weight control process.

Most major shipyards in the US are already using the ShipWeight software for weight control as well as to produce the weight reports required by the US Navy during the construction of advanced and complex naval vessels, such as nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, submarines and destroyers.

“This is a welcomed and natural extension of our customer base in the US,” says head of customer relations, Runar Aasen. “Instead of receiving static reports, the US Navy is now capable of receiving the actual weight databases as created by the yard and run reports and analyses in the same environment as that used by the yard when building the weight databases. More importantly, they now also are able to make their weight estimates on new future designs based upon regression of historical data from these very same databases.

“The sale to the US Navy is strengthening the position that ShipWeight has as a weight control system in the US. This is a result of efforts targeted in the US market over the past ten years,” says Aasen.