OSI Geospatial Inc. (TSX: OSI) (“OSI”) announced today that its International Systems Operations has signed a contract valued at approximately $1.3 million to supply its world leading ECPINS® Warship Navigation System to the Dutch Defence Materiel Organization for use by the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Naval Component of the Belgian Armed Forces. Under the terms of this contract, the company will deliver and install 12 systems beginning in the third quarter of 2009.

“This is our first project with the Dutch Defence Material Organization and we are very pleased that they have selected our technology. With this project, we are adding our 10th naval customer and continuing to build on our market leadership position,” said Ken Kirkpatrick, president and CEO of OSI Geospatial. “We are committed to building a long term business relationship and I am confident this project will lead to significant follow-on business with this important customer.”


With ECPINS, OSI provides the most advanced warship surface and subsurface navigation capabilities in the world. We have ten navies with over 350 warships operating with our ECPINS system around the world. With one of the largest and most experienced software engineering teams in the industry and over 25 years of experience, we continue to build on our capabilities and maintain our leadership advantage.