indodefence smart naval minesSAES has participated in the INDODEFENCE Expo and Forum being held at Jakarta, Indonesia, from 7-10 November. The event is hosted by the Indonesian Ministry of Defence.

The company has carried out technical product presentations to countries’ delegations that have visited its stand and has offered a conference aimed to deepen naval mines knowledge.

The naval warfare challenges make SAES continuously develop solutions to face them. SAES naval mines are capable of being activated by magnetic, electrical or acoustic influences, improving the efficacy for protecting and controlling strategic areas, straits and other force-used maritime zones.

In order for the military personnel to be familiar with naval mines and understand concepts like multi-influence ship signatures, the company has developed a naval mine for training. This training naval mine allows the crew to become aware of how smart naval mines work and how to prevent damage.

SAES also offers specialised training to understand how the ships are seen by the mine or how the naval mines can be programmed. The family of MINEA products comprises three types of naval mines, including cylindrical-bottom mines, conical-shaped shallow-water mines, and moored mines. They use a variety of sensors to detect different physical influences.

To programme a smart naval mine, it needs to own signature intelligence of a ship, which includes the electric, magnetic, pressure, seismic and acoustic radiation. Besides the MINEA training version, which can record and store this information, the company also offers a more specific system called MIRS.

MIRS is a portable system used to obtain the complete signature of a ship that can be used to gather signature intelligence information (SIGINT) and to verify real-time own-ship signature levels.