The Future Indirect Fires Conference, which will focus on artillery, mortars and simulators, will take place in Bristol, UK, between 6-7 March.

In this international forum, experts from the defence sector will analyse the best practice for equipping, training, integrating and applying indirect fires in the future.

Based on the requirements of the armed forces, EXPAL has developed a complete range of solutions to meet the needs of the armies in this type of operations.

This offer encompasses ‘high performances’ 105mm and 155mm rounds, with precise electronic fuses and propelling charges to extend the range up to 20km and 40km respectively, with base bleed version, also including a complete family of payloads, high explosives, VIS or IR illuminants, and RP multispectral smoke.

EXPAL’s field artillery ammunition is in service in more than 25 armies and is compatible with Nato calibre howitzers.

Within the indirect fire support area, the company designs and manufactures ammunition fully compatible with the most important naval guns such as 40 mm and 76 mm in all its variants, as well as the industry-leading 5in / 127mm gun mountings.

EXPAL develops and manufactures its naval ammunition following the Nato and AQAP standards.

Besides the ammunition artillery, EXPAL provides a complete solution for mortar systems named One-Stop Shop. This proposal offers a unique and complete range of solutions to meet all mission needs in artillery and infantry support operations. This integrated solution includes mortar bombs covering 60, 81, and 120mm calibres in all its versions, including:

  • High explosive, smoke, illuminant, and training ammunition
  • 60mm, 81mm, and 120mm mortar systems
  • EIMOS: the 81mm / 60mm mortar system integrated on a high-mobility lightweight vehicle
  • TECHFIRE: the fire support information system for mortars and artillery guns
  • The mini-UAV SHEPHERD-MIL used for aerial reconnaissance and aim for recognizance / surveillance tasks and as an unmanned forward observer
  • Electronic applications for equipment maintenance as eTRAIDS, as well as eSIMOX, the simulator that enhances the Mortar Unit operational readiness by training an entire mortar crew both individually and as an entire unit.

The One-Stop Shop also offers a single contact point to ensure the integration, maintenance, logistics and customer support, as well as demilitarisation for sustainable ammunition disposal at the end of its life-cycle.

EXPAL manages the entire life-cycle of ammunition and explosives, from design, development, manufacture and maintenance, until its destruction at the end of its life-cycle.