EXPAL presents its latest technological developments in the field of naval proximity fuzes during the 62nd Annual Fuze Conference hosted by NDIA (National Defense Industrial Association) in Buffalo (NY) this May. During the past 2 years, EXPAL has implemented this technology in over 10,000 proximity fuzes delivered to five different Navies.

This new technology was developed at the initiative of the Spanish Navy to solve a global problem focused on previous technologies’ low reliability, EM immunity and technological obsolescence. During the conference, Luis Abad, Product Manager at EXPAL, explained how the company solved the industrial difficulties and implemented cutting-edge technologies to improve the reliability of this system to over 95%, even when operating in the most severe and adverse electromagnetic environments. These implemented fuzes are compatible with the primary naval guns using 76mm and 127mm (5 inch) naval artillery ammunition.

Technology in fuzes for every mission

From its Fuzes Excellence Center, a cutting-edge facility located in Europe, EXPAL has been designing, manufacturing and integrating a wide portfolio of fuzes that are in service in 35 Armed Forces, with a 50 year quality track record.

These systems are compatible with the main NATO weapon systems and follow the most demanding reliability, quality and safety standards in order to meet the highest requirements of Armed Forces.

The vertical integration of key components, such as pyrotechnics and electronic systems, together with the strictest quality controls, allow the company to guarantee systems suitable for every mission.

EXPAL Systems is a global defense and security company. We offer high-end technology products, services and solutions to meet the current and future needs of Air, Land and Sea Armed Forces. We are a trusted ally in over 60 countries adding safety, precision and advanced systems to any mission. EXPAL manages the entire lifecycle of ammunition, from R&D and manufacturing to maintenance and integration services, up to our leading demilitarisation solutions.