EXPAL attends third C-IED technology workshop

EXPAL develops innovative initiation systems, combat engineering equipment and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) solutions in cooperation with key NATO countries. This equipment is in use in more than 40 armed forces worldwide.

As part of the portfolio offered by the company, EXPAL highlights at the third C-IED Technology Workshop, the latest developments in this area of activity. The S-402 Electronic Initiation System minimises involuntary initiation due to static, stray or induced currents.

Its technology is innovative in the defence and security industry. The exploder and detonators have been upgraded with digital electronics in order to increase operative use safety. Its solid configuration, lightweight and volume, reliability and safe operating make this system ideal to be used by engineers, special operation forces, EOD specialists or rescue teams.

The S-402 consists of an ES-402 Exploder, and DS-402 Detonators. The ES-402 Exploder has the capacity to check and initiate up to ten electric DS-402 Detonators. This system can be used in a radio-environment / electronic counter measures or static currents.

During this event, EXPAL will also show, in collaboration with the company Proytecsa Security, the aunav family of high-technology robots with different capabilities to defeat and neutralise EOD and IED threats.

Both S-402 and aunavNEXT robot are present at EXPAL’s booth.

EXPAL develops and manufactures C-IED systems and products based on providing maximum efficiency, simplicity of operation and, above all, safety of use for combat engineers, EOD users and Special Operations forces.