EXPAL Systems has launched two new electronic devices E-COMPAX and M-COUNTER to enhance mortar systems’ operational capabilities at the defence and security exhibition DSEI.

The conference is taking place in London on 10-13 September.

E-COMPAX is an electronic aiming device that provides firing aiming data to mortars, covering metrics such as orientation and elevation even in a denied or degraded GPS environment (north finding).

The system reduces the time to firing to only 30 seconds and the after-firing adjustment to less than five seconds.

The easy interface and software implement all necessary functionalities to perform aiming either in a stand-alone mode (on a tablet) or integrated into a frame check sequence (FCS) computer.

The company has also presented M-COUNTER, which is an electronic system designed to increase safety and facilitate the mortar systems’ maintenance tasks.

The system automatically records the number, date and time of the shots performed, checks the last maintenance operations and receives manufacturer recommendations for spare parts or shelf-life of different elements and performs many other functions.

This information is crucial to optimise a maintenance plan for each mortar through its life cycle.

The systems will be on display at EXPAL’s stand S5-150 at DSEI exposition.

These new technologies complete EXPAL’s global solution for mortar systems, including 60mm, 81mm and 120mm mortar systems, the ammunition and EXPAL integrated mortar system (EIMOS) portfolio, as well as the 60mm-81mm mortar system, integrated into a high-mobility vehicle.

The solutions also offer technological applications, including the fire control system TECHFIRE, the mini unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used as unmanned forward observer SHEPHERD-MIL, the simulator eSIMOX to train mortar units and eTRAIDS to facilitate maintenance and training.

EXPAL Systems is a global defence and security company. It offers high-end technology products, services and solutions to meet the current and future needs of air, land and sea armed forces.

EXPAL brings innovative solutions that evolve and adapt mortar systems to the modern battlefield.

These continuous improvements are focused on enhancing accuracy, reliability and manoeuvrability in operations to increase troops’ survival rates and safety.

EXPAL is a trusted ally in over 60 countries adding safety, precision and advanced systems to any mission. EXPAL manages the entire life cycle of ammunition, from research and development (R&D) and manufacturing to maintenance, integration services and demilitarisation solutions.