eurosatory 2018

EXPAL Systems will present its latest naval products and solutions at Eurosatory 2018 to respond to the current and future requirements of air, land and sea armed forces. The event will take place in Paris, France, from 11-15 June.

The complete family of 155mm extended range artillery ammunition, with increased range and precision, as well as the 81mm integrated mortar system into a light vehicle, EIMOS, in its newest configuration that enhances its benefits by providing more security and efficiency to the troops in their current missions, thanks to its high mobility and fast operation capability, that completes EXPAL’s “One-Stop-Shop” solution for indirect fire support missions with mortars, are some of the products and systems that the company will highlight at Eurosatory.

Other proposals such as the electronic fuzes offer for field and naval artillery ammunition, that includes proximity fuzes for 76mm and 5”/127mm, EF-76C and EF-127C or its capabilities for designing and providing propellants, field where the company is an expert and offers specific solutions such us rocket motors regraining activities, to expand rockets’ life cycle to optimize its high cost, completes the solutions that EXPAL will present to the official delegations and clients that will attend the show.

The company will also contact its main industrial partners, as well as establish new strategic alliances with the defence industry.

Air solutions

EXPAL provides to over 24 air forces and collaborates with the main companies of the defence industries to integrate its product in the most important aerial platforms of the world. Additionally, the company has specific facilities to carry out services in maintenance and modernization of aeronautical systems.

At EXPAL’s booth, attendees will be able to see the last developments in air-to-ground rockets 2,75” among the CAT-70 family, suitable for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing platforms, as well as its proposal for re-graining of rocket motors

Land solutions

The proposal One-Stop Shop for mortar systems offers a unique and complementary range of solutions to meet all mission needs in artillery and infantry operations.

This integrated solution includes: mortar system (60mm, 81mm, 120mm), mortar systems integrated on a high mobility lightweight vehicle (EIMOS), fire support information system for mortars and artillery guns (TECHFIRE), ammunition, mini-UAV as Unmanned Forward Observer (SHEPHERD-MIL) and the tactical training simulator for mortar units (eSIMOX).

These devices can work coordinated for one mission or adapted to the systems in use by customers. One-Stop Shop solution offers a single point of contact to ensure the integration, maintenance, logistics and customer support, as well as demilitarization services to destroy the ammunition and systems at the end of its life-cycle.