Expal is attending the eighth International Nitrocellulose Symposium on 5-7 June, which is organised by MANUCO.

150 world-class experts from the defence, outdoors and civil explosives fields will meet in Bergerac, France, to discuss the present and future of energetic nitrocellulose.

Members of the academia and governmental bodies will have a key participation in this scientific symposium. Online registrations to attend the meeting are now open.

Energetic nitrocellulose is a strategic product, used worldwide as the main precursor for a wide range of energetic products, including smokeless powder for military and civilian ammunition (sporting, hunting and law enforcement), propellant paste for rocket motors, combustible cartridges, modular charges, explosives, and pyrotechnics.

During the two days, around 150 professionals will attend panel discussions led by global companies such as Bae Systems, Eurenco, EXPAL Systems, General Dynamics, Nammo, Orbital ATK, and Rheinmetall.

Governmental institutions such as Nato and the US Army, as well as leading academic institutions in the area such as Cranfield University, AWE, TNO and the Fraunhofer Institute will be involved. Key suppliers of energetic nitrocellulose such as MANUCO, Synthesia and Nitrochemie-Wimmis will be attending.

“Nitrocellulose plays a crucial role in the quality and performance of energetic materials: it can account for more than 80% of a double-base powder, for more than 98% of a single-base propellant; it is the skeleton of dynamite. The perfect adjustment to customised technical specifications and the workability of nitrocellulose is vital for a high-performing end-product,” explains Claude Guillaume, technical manager of MANUCO and member of the Scientific Committee of the Symposium.

Guillaume emphasises: “The role of these type of events where industry and academia come together to meet colleagues in a fertile atmosphere and share experiences and ideas on ways to enhance the industry and move the science of nitrocellulose forward.”

Recent progress in nitrocellulose, with a special focus on propellant applications

The goal of this eighth Symposium is to present and discuss recent progress in all fields related to nitrocellulose, with a special interest in propellant applications.

Four key topics are:

  • Characterisation and properties of nitrocellulose
  • Safety, stability and ageing of NC and NC-based material
  • Synthesis / processing of NC and preparation / processing of NC-based material
  • Effect of NC on performance propellant and explosives

Bergerac, a town of art, history and vineyards

A proud town overlooking the Dordogne River, still marked with the memories of the Gabarres used for transporting commerce goods years ago; and Cyrano, who never set foot (or nose) in the area; Bergerac, and its surroundings, are filled with vines, chateaux and bastides.

The social programme of the Symposium will also allow the visitors to experience first-hand the historical and gastronomical possibilities that offer the city of Bergerac, including the medieval old town and vineyards. The Récollets Cloister, the Maison des Vins wine rooms, and the Chateau de Monbazillac will be key spots of their visit.