DSIT Solutions Ltd a subsidiary of Rafael Advance Defense Systems Ltd announced today that it has received an order for the supply of PointShield Portable Diver Detection Sonar (PDDS) systems. The order was placed by the Dutch Ministry of Defense and will be supplied to the customer in the Netherlands.

DSIT’s PointShield PDDS is an automatic underwater security system. It is used to protect ships as well as fixed critical coastal and offshore sites from underwater intrusion and sabotage.  The system can automatically detect, track and classify all types of underwater threats. The system is already being used by navies, coast guards and energy companies around the world.

DSIT Sales and Marketing vice president Dan Ben Dov commented: “We definitely feel that the market for DDS systems has grown and become more mature. In the last few years, DSIT has received multiple orders for its underwater security systems, totalling to approximately 100 units. As underwater threats evolve, we are working hard to maintain our leading position in this challenging field.”

DSIT president and CEO Gadi Leibovich said: “This transaction is indicative of DSIT’s global leading position in the field of underwater security systems, sonar and acoustics.

“The PointShield™ system provides navies with rapid deployment, automatic detection of all types of threats, high reliability and real-time continuous monitoring all at competitive prices and is tailored to specific user demands.

“We are proud of being a supplier of Dutch Ministry of Defense and we thank the Dutch Ministry of Defense for this vote of confidence in our state-of-the-art technology. We will do our utmost best to ensure that our PointShield™ systems will meet the high standards of this distinguished customer. DSIT is confident that this order will pave the way for the sale of additional products from its cutting-edge portfolio to the Dutch Ministry of Defense as well as other valued customers worldwide.”