DSIT Solutions has developed a versatile defence solution for securing strategic assets against underwater threats by combining a range of its systems.

The solution can provide protection against threats such as hostile military, terrorism and illegal activities, intrusion, and the sabotage and smuggling of divers, semi-submersible vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles, remotely operated vehicles and submarines of all kinds are among the watercraft that can have their threat level diminished by the solution.

The company unveiled its latest offering at the IMDEX 2019 event in Singapore in May, which also entailed presenting its uniquely combined and integrative proven capabilities and systems.

These include the Shield TM Sonar Family and a land-based mission control station, which demonstrates smart and comprehensive hermetic protection and defence solutions from underwater threats for ports, harbours, on and offshore sites and other strategic assets, both at sea and on land.

DSIT’s advanced solutions secure all layers of defence, from the immediate, short and long ranges, as well as shallow to deep water threats. Therefore, they provide relevant and applicable protection and security solutions for militaries, homeland security agencies and law enforcement departments.

Some examples of DSIT’s multi-layered defence solution achieved by integrating the various proven capabilities and systems into one comprehensive incorporated solution are the Shield TM family of sonars. Among those is the SeaShieldTM ASW sonar and the AquaShield™ Diver Detection Sonar, cost-effectively covering immediate and close-ranged threats. They are both stationary sonar systems.

A land-based mission control system manages these coastal and littoral-stationed sonars by using advanced signal processing and displays and machine learning techniques for automation algorithms, while legislating for an operator’s reduced workload and level of expertise. Highly advanced hardware with the latest generation processing capabilities ensures the sonar systems’ superior performance with a minimal carbon footprint.

The PointShield™ Portable Diver Detection Sonar system is used to protect strategic assets and ships when onboard a vessel at shallow waters, while the FishTM ASW family of sonar systems detects approaching underwater threats that are considered a risk.

Also on display at IMDEX 2019 was DSIT’s state-of-the-art, fully tactical submarine mission sonar simulation and training system, along with its portable acoustic range systems, which accurately measure the radiated noise of ships and submarines while maintaining the vessels’ low noise signature.

DSIT Solutions business development and marketing and sales vice-president Hanan Marom said: “DSIT Solutions is proud to unveil its unique and comprehensive underwater security system of systems at Singapore, presenting a full underwater defence suite, which is based on the company’s proven capabilities and vast experience in underwater technologies and threats environment.

“Our solutions are modular, cost-effective, present tailor-made capabilities according to specific customer’s needs and are compatible with other existing platform’s systems”.