DSIT Solutions has showcased its anti-submarine warfare (ASW) kit for offshore patrol vessels (OPVs) for the first time in Asia.

The Rafael Advanced Defense Systems subsidiary displayed the system alongside its POINTSHIELD portable driver detection sonar, the SEA SHIELD underwater coastal surveillance system and portable acoustic range products at the IMDEX event, held in May at the Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore.

Speaking to Daily News, company officials said that the new ASW kit is available for OPVs weighing 100 tonnes and above. It was also claimed that the lightweight system offered an improved ASW capability for such vessels once installed.

The package includes the installation of a mission control station, variable depth sonar, torpedo detection system and blackfish hull-mounted sonar. In future, the company intends to offer its own sonar.

As the number of vessels to be procured by navies are dwindling due to budget pressures, the number of expensive frigates being purchased has reduced.

A DSIT official told Daily News: “If a country decides on our ASWKIT for their OPVs, their larger Frigates can be sent out to the open sea, as the ASW tasks closer to the harbour can be tackled by OPVs, fitted with our ASWKIT, hence increasing the ASW capability at a reduced cost.

A unique feature of the product is that the ASW mission can also be performed from mission console installed on land, allowing higher levels of training in peacetime, as the operators do not need to be out at sea.