Adder Technology launched a new keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) transmitter ADDERLink INFINITY 100T (ALIF100T).

The ALIF100T is a zero-U, IP-based, USB-powered KVM transmitter. It can be plugged into any computer, using zero-U if rack mounted. The transmitter can be easily retrofitted into any existing infrastructure.

The ADDERLink INFINITY 100T was developed in response to customer demand and a gap in the market for a cost-effective, zero-U, high-performance KVM transmitter.

The new transmitter is suitable to use when rack space is limited. The product reduces power consumption and installation costs. The ADDERLink INFINITY 100T requires only 2W power, which decreases heat generation and required cooling levels, as well as reduces operational costs.

The device can also be powered directly from USB, which eliminates the need for power distribution units (PDUs), saves the costs and required space.

Adder Technology senior product manager John Halksworth said: “The ADDERLink INFINITY 100T is revolutionary in its design, taking up significantly less real estate within the cabinet and eliminating the need for costly rack space.

“This is especially attractive to organisations that are looking to upgrade or update their current KVM systems with the ADDERLink INFINITY range but are hindered by the lack of space or the cost of redesigning their current infrastructure.

“Retrofitting high-performance KVM into environments designed around legacy, outdated equipment is challenging and expensive, sometimes requiring a complete redesign. However, with the new transmitter, businesses can easily and cost-effectively take advantage of the ADDERLink INFINITY solution without this costly step.”

The new ADDERLink transmitter expands the company’s existing product range and is compatible with the ADDERLink INFINITY Manager (A.I.M.) and ADDERLink INFINITY receivers.

Adder Technology provides high-performance IP-based KVM solutions.

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