Adder has added innovative remote control features and bridged the gap between KVM and AVoIP.

Adder Technology, a specialist in connectivity solutions and high-performance IP KVM, has announced a series of enhancements to its popular ADDERLink™ XDIP solution. New functionality comprises expansion for the receiver to access 16 sources and the transmitter to broadcast to 256 receivers, the introduction of a RESTful API, and support for PoE in the US. These new features make Adder’s highly successful XDIP platform even more powerful and give customers greater flexibility and remote control when managing their KVM matrix.

Salvador Bettencourt-Avila, a technical designer and programmer at video and projection specialists Mesmer UK, said: “The compact size and simplicity of the ADDERLink XDIP is what first attracted us to the solution. When we used it for the ground-breaking virtual reality and projection mapping in ‘Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience’ tour, the XDIP’s extension capability, reliability and real-time remote control functionality was critical. Now, with the expansion of network capability and the introduction of the API, we can build even larger networks and easily hand over to the operator or technician to run the system.”

Improved remote control, either via a RESTful API or HTTPS web browser, gives users even more choice and flexibility with how they control their XDIP solution. The XDIP is designed to work with all popular drivers so customers can choose the most appropriate software program for them without loss of features.

Managing all endpoints through an API simplifies configuration and maintenance. This level of interoperability combined with new multi-casting functionality means the XDIP is the ideal solution to bridge the gap between KVM and video over IP. Customers can now take advantage of best-in-class KVM functionality while delivering video and AV content around a large-scale installation, all over an existing 1GbE network.

By making Power over Ethernet support available in the USA, XDIP customers in the market can benefit from quicker installation times and cost savings – delivered by mitigating the need for additional power sources. PoE support also improves reliability by leveraging the redundant power options delivered by PoE switches.

John Halksworth, senior product manager, Adder, said: “The ADDERLink XDIP has become a popular addition to Adder’s matrix and extender portfolio. Its success has provided us with invaluable customer feedback and has directly contributed to the latest feature enhancements. XDIP customers are extremely impressed with its reliability and performance, they are looking for even more flexibility. By increasing the number of endpoints and introducing new remote control options, we are evolving the product to meet their needs.”

All new features are available in the latest firmware release and include:

  • Support for an increased number of endpoints
  • Multi-casting functionality
  • Remote control functionality via a RESTful API or HTTPS web browser
  • Power over Ethernet support expanded to US market

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