Adder Technology has introduced a new ADDERView Secure Range of KVM switches and accessories.

The NIAP Protection Profile 4.0-compliant range is designed to minimise hacking and cyber-attack risks without compromising real-time data visualisation and secure collaboration in mission-critical environments.

Made in America, the range of secure switches combine features such as channel
separation, uni-directional data paths and tamper-proof labelling to maintain high levels of security required in command and control centres.

Users can control classified and non-classified network sources simultaneously and in real-time while benefitting from pixel-perfect data visualisation at video resolutions up to 4K at 60 frames per second (fps).

The ADDERView Secure range has been designed with simplicity and usability in mind
without sacrificing functionality. An E-Paper display shows user-defined status information for the selected target computer and classification level, while fully colour-configurable LED buttons have been designed to give users instant and clear channel confirmation, essential in busy control room environments.

To increase efficiency in control rooms, the ADDERView Secure range is compatible with Adder’s existing portfolio of matrix and extension products, allowing secure IT personnel to protect their initial infrastructure investment, improve scalability and IT agility.

Backwards compatibility allows users to take advantage of access to a wider portfolio of connectivity solutions to improve data visualisation and collaboration.

The ADDERView Secure range includes:

  • ADDERView Secure Desktop KVM Switches: a powerful range designed to improve usability with an intuitive E-Paper display and colour-configurable LEDs
  • ADDERView Secure Flexi-Switch: an innovative solution designed to offer ultimate
    flexibility with support for video resolutions up to UHD 4K at 60fps on single and dual-head computers
  • ADDERView Secure Multi-Viewer: designed to deliver instant and simultaneous access to multiple data sources in mission-critical control rooms
  • ADDER Secure Card Reader: a robust accessory that allows users to simultaneously
    authenticate with up to four isolated computers
  • ADDER Secure Remote Control Unit: a compact unit that provides secure push-button access to any channel on the target PC directly from the user desktop
  • ADDER Secure Port Expander: a secure accessory used to provide an additional port for USB HID devices, including touch screens

Adder Technology CEO Adrian Dickens said: “We understand that organisations accessing, processing or controlling sensitive data require numerous security features as standard, and compliance with the latest NIAP protection profile is just one of them.

“It was important to us that our new secure KVM products offered enhanced functionality above and beyond what is expected. I believe the ADDERView Secure range does just that, and will significantly improve user workflows in mission-critical applications. ”

The new ADDERView Secure range forms part of Adder’s extensive connectivity portfolio, which is renowned for technical excellence, reliable performance and market-leading specification.

Adder is a global leader in connectivity solutions and high-performance IP KVM.