Duramax Marine Water-Lubricated Bearings and Shaft Sealing Systems

For over 25 years, Duramax® Marine has supplied water-lubricated rubber bearings for Military propulsion shaft applications. Our fully molded sleeve, flanged and stave type bearings are tested and manufactured to stringent Military specifications. In our bearing test facility, new polymer and bearing materials are tested for load carrying capability, coefficient of friction and system wear life. This commitment to product testing and development helped Duramax® Marine become the world leader in water-lubricated rubber bearing technology.


Duramax® Marine water-lubricated rubber bearings are manufactured with specially formulated nitrile rubber and are molded to provide shaft clearances in accordance with U.S. Navy and Bureau of Ships specifications. These bearings possess low coefficient of friction and inherent vibration-dampening qualities and are non-polluting. Standard bearing sizes are available from stocking distributors and sales agents worldwide, or you can order custom materials and sizes to meet special applications.


  • Precision machined, Naval brass shell with nitrile rubber lining meets MIL-B-17901B (SH) Class II bearing specifications
  • Over 100 inch and metric sizes in stock, with custom sizes available upon request


  • Corrosion-resistant non-metallic shell with nitrile rubber lining
  • Over 100 inch and metric sizes in stock, with custom sizes available upon request


  • Centrifugally cast Naval brass shell with integral flange and nitrile rubber lining, meets MIL-B-17901B (SH) Class II bearing specifications
  • Solid and split types available: over 70 sizes in stock with custom sizes available upon request


  • Tough, molded nitrile rubber bearing staves allow bearing change-out without shaft or propeller removal
  • Bearing sizes available up to 36 inch shaft diameter – over 2,000 installations operating worldwide


Made from specially formulated nitrile rubber bonded to Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMW-PE) backing. Bearing surface with a controlled thickness, 15 to 20 micro-inch, glass-smooth finish and 80 Durometer, Shore A, hardness. This provides lower coefficient of friction, less break-in running time, vibration dampening, quiet operation and longer bearing and shaft life. Meets MIL-B-17901B (SH) Class III bearing specifications.

  • Special bearing profile provides minimum approach angle between bearing surface and shaft, lowering the coefficient of friction and aiding in solid particle rejection
  • Individually replaceable staves reduce maintenance costs and are fully interchangeable with Class I, brass backed staves


  • Centrifugal cast bronze housings are precision machined with keystone or dovetail slots
  • Longitudinal water grooves between bearing staves provide optimum water flushing and lubrication
  • Available in split or solid configurations, custom lengths and diameters


Duramax® Marine offers an extensive choice of propulsion and rudder shaft sealing systems which accommodate a wide range of shafting sizes and system design requirements.


  • Special face seal design reduces maintenance and shaft wear
  • Dripless seal technology reduces oily contaminated water in the bilge and covered spring chamber provides secondary water seal for backup protection
  • Available for propeller shaft applications with different mounting adapters, simplifying installation and reducing retrofit costs


  • Ruggedly constructed, offering dependable performance from air, water and grease services. Water supply connection lubricates rubber bearings and grease fitting with lantern ring lubricates compression packing
  • Innovative "air seal" design allows packing change-out without dry-docking vessel
  • Several models available in bronze, aluminum or steel for propeller and rudder applications

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