Submarines, warships and other naval platforms use sonar equipment and sonar systems to safely navigate deep waters. Sonar equipment is also used for mine detection, providing depth information and anti-submarine warfare (ASW).

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Sonar sensor components

The main components of sonars are transmitter, transducer, receiver and display. The sonar transmitter generates a pulse that is used by the sonar transducer to produce a sound wave.

The sound wave returns to the sonar transducer when it hits an object and is converted into an electrical pulse, which is amplified by the receiver and sent to the display.

Applications of sonar systems in the navy

Sonar equipment has multiple applications in the naval industry, some of which are listed below.

Mine and obstacle detection

Mine detection sonar systems can help detect various types of mines, including bottom mines, moored mines and floating mines, as well as other objects that could obstruct naval vessel navigation. Sonars provide full coverage and awareness of surrounding waters in addition to high-resolution images and detailed bathymetry of the seabed, which enables naval vessels to safely navigate uncharted waters.

Anti-submarine warfare

ASW underwater sonar equipment is used by naval defence vessels to detect, classify, track and attack underwater threats and targets, such as torpedoes. ASW sonars are usually of two types, active or passive. Active sonars are used to detect the acoustic signature of a submarine or underwater threat and target its position. Passive sonars are used to listen to the sounds of submarines and surface vessels using underwater hydrophones.

Navigation and communication

Sonar technology is used by submarines to safely navigate, as radars are not effective under water. Sonar arrays are usually hull-mounted or towed and enable the detection of faraway objects.

Communication sonar systems use sound propagation to communicate with other vessels and submarines.