Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) operations enable naval vessels to be restored and repaired, ensuring they are in optimum working condition during missions. Naval vessels are regularly subjected to routine repair works to help upgrade them with new capabilities and increase their service life.

Discover leading providers of maritime MRO products and services

Based on its in-depth knowledge and expertise in the sector, Naval Technology has listed leading providers of marine cable products and wires, deck covering systems, screws and fasteners, and floating fenders.

The list includes suppliers of electrical slip ring assemblies, underwater electrical connectors and naval robotics, shaft sealing systems, electrical and fluid interconnect systems, marine bearings, and anti-corrosion protective solutions.

The information contained within the download document is designed for maintenance technicians and engineers, marine electronics engineers, mechanical specialists, and maritime repair engineers and specialists.

The download contains detailed information on suppliers, product lines and contact details to aid your purchasing decision.

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Importance of maritime MRO in naval operations

Growing geopolitical tensions and maritime disputes have increased the need to repair and maintain naval vessels. Regular inspections and timely action can help prevent system and component failure, improve efficiency, reduce costly overhead expenditure, and minimise the need for extensive upgrades.

Along with major refits and upgrades, maintenance and repair operations include hull surface treatments and the application of protective coatings and sealing systems.

Uses of marine cable products and underwater electrical connectors

Marine cable products and wiring systems installed on naval vessels are used to perform a number of functions, such as supplying power and lighting, data communications, fire protection and alarm circuits, and sonar tethers.

The cables, including underwater electrical connectors, are specially designed with high quality and conformity to withstand rough conditions at sea as well as underwater pressure. The maintenance and repair of these cables is essential to prevent breakage and failure, which can damage the performance of equipment and even affect the safety of personnel.

The various types of marine cable products and wiring systems used in the naval sector include:

  • Tactical sonar array cable systems
  • Submarine cable systems for power supply
  • Electrical and power connectors
  • Subsea vehicle cables
  • Deep tow cable systems
  • Halogen-free marine cables
  • Coaxial marine cable products
  • Oil and fuel-resistant cables