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US Navy takes delivery of ship to shore connector LCAC 105

LCAC 105 completed acceptance trials, validating its readiness and capabilities.

EUROSAM, MBDA and Thales sign new ISS#3 contract

The contract is for a duration of five years.

Saab to extend life of Swedish Navy’s two Koster-class MCMVs

The company will upgrade and install enhanced capabilities on the ships.

US Navy’s first Flight III Arleigh Burke ship completes builder’s trials

The sea trials provided an opportunity to test and evaluate the destroyer’s systems.

SeeByte to support US Navy’s MK18 UUV FoS programme

The contract will help widen the service’s autonomous systems and machine learning capabilities.

KBR to support E-2/C-2 aircraft for NSWC Crane and NAVAIR

The company will develop and incorporate new technology for the aircraft.

Kongsberg partners with Navantia to support Norwegian F-310 frigates

In January, NDMA contracted Navantia for the future modernisation of the vessels.

UK Royal Navy’s Type 26 fleet to feature Selective Catalytic Reactors

The catalytic reactors will minimise the impact of the Navy’s operations on the environment.

US marines and airmen conduct F-35A hot-pit refuel training

The exercise enhanced several aircraft platform skills of personnel in a stimulated operational environment.

ECA in exclusive talks with iXblue over proposed merger

The new combined entity is expected to be valued at approximately €800m.