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Emergency communications where they are needed most: Bringing HF radio to the Caribbean

The Rainbow Radio League and Barrett Communications are bringing vital emergency communications infrastructure to the Caribbean. Here’s how an ambitious relationship was born with the vision to save lives.

VARD’s latest successes: from landing craft to coastguard vessels and international partnerships

The vessel designer and maritime services provider has been busy in 2022, signing deals, delivering vessels, and researching into green technology.

Why film capacitors are the backbone of modern electronics

Thin film capacitors are a powerful substitute for electrolytic capacitors because of their use in manufacturing high-frequency devices in simple, compact forms.

Building a COP to keep us safe

The broad domain of ‘national security’ is the ideal canvas for a 21st century approach to information advantage. Open-minded approaches – to both the information we choose to gather and the way we can exploit it – will deliver significant benefits – and better outcomes for citizens.