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Communications Solutions Designed for Demanding Environments within the Maritime Industry

Communication solutions

Savox Communications provides communications solutions to the maritime, military, police, security, fire, rescue, and industrial markets.

The firm is headquartered in Luxembourg, but operates globally in Germany, Finland, France, the UK, Canada, the US and the People's Republic of China also.

Communications products for demanding and hazardous environments

Savox Communications has built up expert knowledge in the communications field over the past 30 years, which is based around its customer's requirements. This means that the firm can supply high-quality and innovative end-user driven solutions.
The firm's products are designed to be used in the most demanding and hazardous environments. Its solutions adhere to governmental and industry standards to ensure their premium quality and safety.

Specialised communication products that are manufactured in-house

Savox Communications designs, manufactures, and engineers its communication products at its in-house facilities.

It unique line of products is specialised, and the company also utilises its resources to manufacture communications accessories for global firms in the two-way radio, mobile phone, and personal equipment industries.

Mobile products based on ergonomics, superior audio performance and ease of use

Ensuring that it keeps customer needs as its focus point, Savox Communications uses its expertise in the fields of ergonomics, ease of use, superior audio performance, and safe and wireless connectivity to make sure that its solutions can cope with extreme environments.

Its products are designed to handle high noise, and extreme dust and temperature environments both on land, sea, and in the air, for the private sectors, as well as the public and the government.

Professional radio and mobile accessories for the maritime industry

Savox Communications offers four different lines of profession radio and mobile accessories for the maritime industry.
The first of these is its 'Classic' range, which is a high-quality, heavy-duty, and reliable audio accessory line, which is used for tradition two-way radios that use analogue technology.

Its 'XG' range features advanced audio technology known as LOUD N' CLEAR®, and is used with digital two-way radio communications. Meanwhile, the 'Promate' line is a progressive range which of wireless accessories for mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, feature phones, and other LTE / 4G platforms.

'Vigilite' is a covert and semi-covert product line which is used on both analogue and digital two-way radios. This line is used by both public and private security-based end users, as well as by the federal and governmental services.

Reliable defence systems for mounted and dismounted troops

Savox Solutions defence products ensure strong communication links between commanders and troops. They provide quick and reliable access to vital information for both mounted and dismounted troops.

The Savox IMP command and control system is designed to give versatility and battle damage resilience to mounted troops. The easy-to-use system has a voice-prompted menu, no controls or displays on main modules, and can adapt to changing operational scenarios.

Communications solutions for dismounted troops involved a range of communication headsets, push-to-talk units, and a bomb disposal kit which are designed to help end users cope with the tough challenges of modern operations. Savox ensures its line of easy-to-customise, operation-specific equipment can cope with tough environments.

Rescue and safety systems

Three different lines of rescue and safety systems are provided by Savox Communications. These are SearchCam, which is used when human entry isn't possible, Delsar, a listening device which is used to locate live, trapped victims, and ConSpace, which is used in confined spaces when communication is essential.

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