Fire-Detection and Safety Systems for Marine Vessels


Consilium provides fire-protection equipment for naval applications through detection and safety systems.

Having started with the development and supply of equipment for the marine industry, Consilium offers a wide range of proven solutions for demanding applications.

The need to cope with formal demands for type approvals and compliances with rules and regulations set out by marine, transportation and offshore supervising authorities led Consilium to approach the stringent naval requirements and performance standards.

Integrates logistics suuport data and documentation for marine fire safety.

A basic point in Consilium philosophy is that newer products should be backwards-compatible with existing ones, to grant lifetime support to all installations. Integrated logistics support data and documentation are available, to allow for the minimum lifecycle cost, planned maintenance, revitalisation and disposal of systems.

Although the technology development could make certain parts of our original supply obsolete, there will always be a replacement part able to be integrated in the system context, granting form, fit, function, for same or extended performances.

Consilium has excessive experience in installations in harsh environments, such as power plants, arctic explorers, rolling stock, oil rigs, cruise and merchant vessels.

Retrofit fire-detection installations for ships

The levels of modularity of system components and field units will always allow for extension and modifications made necessary by changes in the vessel's setup.

It is also quite common that existing systems become unsupportable by their original manufacturers, for different reasons. We always have solutions for these cases. The relatively smaller volumes taken by our modern products allow for easy mechanical integrations of extensions and replacement systems, using the original interfaces.

One of the company's main targets is to minimise or null the impact on existing cabling. Our systems use communication techniques, among the detectors and loop units. Any existing cable with two conductors could be sucessfully re-used to build new fire-detection circuits out of older installations, considerably reducing the retrofit overall costs.

Integrating fire-detection systems with third parties

The naval product lines feature broad capacity of interfacing with external, third-party systems. Serial, LAN and contact interfaces can be set at any control station or at dumb nodes.

This allows for connection to both sub-systems controlled by the fire-detection system and superior control/monitoring systems that would integrate the fire-detection system data into the integration platform management system (IPMS), ship-to-shore communication, safety data logging, data and message broadcasting.

Serial and LAN protocols according to de-facto standards are available, custom protocols can be developed for specific applications. The system features handling of true redundancy of the communication channels.

Naval fire detection systems

Consilium has taken a set of components and products that have undergone qualifying tests for naval applications, to deliver systems compliant with two levels of demands. These are base MIL-rated (Salwico CS5000 Navy) and MIL-extended range (CFASS-2).

The Salwico CS5000 Navy satisfies most needs of the general naval market, offering a broad range of variants at system and field units' level. The high-level of standardisation allows for flexible military-off-the-shelf solutions, supported by a complete documentation library and optional integrated logistic support (ILS).

CFASS-2 covers the segment of those applications with extreme electromagnetic capability (EMC), shock and vibration levels standing requirements, even above standardised ones.

A selected range of products allows realising custom solutions to be installed on submarines, aircraft carriers and other top combatant units. Documentation and support are tailored for each project.

Gas-detection systems for naval vessels

Consilium's current product range comprises the SW2020 sampling type system and the unique loop-configured analogue addressable GS3000 system. Salwico gas detection systems are designed and developed to meet all major classification societies' requirements, EN-54 rules and certain MED standards.

Speed logs record vessel speeds

Consilium's range of SAL Speed Logs has been deliberately expanded so that Consilium is in the position to provide vessels of all size with a first-class speed log system to suit its specific requirement.

Using advanced technology and innovative design, all users of Consilium SAL Speed Logs are able to accurately record the speed of their vessel whatever the conditions will be.

Customised voyage data recorders (VDR)

The importance placed on 'Design for assembly' is reflected in the intelligent combination of cutting edge technology and the minimal amount of moving parts.

To ensure that our voyage data recorders (VDRs) can be individually tailored to meet a specific need, its inherent flexibility means it can easily accommodate a wide variety of customised requirements without compromising on performance or cost-efficiency. With the focus on value and performance you will find all our VDRs surpass the market standard.

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