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OceanServer Technology Inc is a leading manufacturer of man-portable autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), three axis digital compasses and high-efficiency lithium ion battery solutions.

Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) IVER3-580 AUV

The OceanServer Iver3-580 is a fully autonomous underwater vehicle (AUVs) capable of operating unattended for up to ten hours and 100m deep while carrying a variety of sensors. The payload sensors can produce detailed bathymetry, side scan imagery, magnetometer, water quality and camera systems (video and stills).

The Iver3 AUV is an affordable, commercial vehicle used by customers around the globe for sensor development, water quality, general survey work, sub-surface security and research.

The portability of the Iver3, along with high-fidelity collocated data, make the platform ideal for search and recovery applications.

These modern AUVs are single person-portable and feature simple point and click mission planning. The onboard rechargeable battery allows the system to operate for ten hours (depending on environmental conditions and payload) and supports battery section swapping for continuous operation. With this endurance the Iver3 is capable of covering more than 20km (12 miles) of survey lines on a single charge.

The Iver3 can be rapidly programmed and deployed to search a large area with little time or effort by the operator. The platform uses a series of sophisticated sensors to navigate the pre-programmed path while maintaining a constant height off the bottom, regardless of the water conditions.

OceanServer has sold more than 225 units worldwide and provides users with standard pricing through an online pricing tool.

Compact digital compass products

OceanServer offers solid-state three axis attitude sensors for a variety of applications where size, functionality and cost are the keys to successful integration. The compasses can be connected via USB, TTL or a RS232 serial connection (or both USB and RS232 in the case of the OS5000-US).

OceanServer compass products provide precise heading, roll and pitch data ideal for rapid attitude measurement. Compass applications include instrumentation, robotics, man-portable devices, marine products, antenna positioning and various other applications.

The compasses include Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux-compatible drivers for evaluation and testing. Users can download documentation, 3D models and mechanical drawings directly from the website.

Common features of the compasses include:

  • Ultra-low cost design
  • Tiny size, 1in², weighs less than 2g
  • Precision compass accuracy, 0.5° nominal, 0.1 resolution
  • Roll and pitch full rotation (less than 1° / 0-60°)
  • Tilt-compensated (electronically gimbaled)
  • Low power consumption
  • Hard and soft-iron compensation routines
  • 50MIPS processor supporting IEEE floating point maths

Intelligent battery and power system (IBPS)

The intelligent battery and power system (IBPS) allows designers to add smart rechargeable Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) battery power to virtually any device. IBPS is a complete set of electronics that provide battery management and charging, as well as ultra-high efficiency ATX power supplies, DC-DC converters and Li-ion battery packs to power small embedded devices or computer systems.

OceanServer battery cluster products provide plug-n-play modular building blocks that enable users to build very large battery powered systems using small, safe Li-ion battery packs.

Users can make any device battery powered or replace existing outdated battery systems, which are ideal for powering robots, portable equipment, homeland security or military devices or just about anything that needs independent power. These systems are all available with battery technology and electronics that offer the highest density rechargeable battery power available while providing outstanding safety features.

IBPS battery management modules have an RS232 communication port that provides complete power system information about each of the battery packs connected to it. This information includes fuel gauge, current, voltage, amp-hours, run time to empty, time to full charge and 20 other critical battery parameters on a pack-by-pack basis.

OceanServer components can be integrated quickly into a user's system or equipment. Product documentation, 3D models and mechanical drawings are available on our website.

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