Hardware and Software for Combat Management, Navigation, Electronic Warfare and Sonar Systems

AYESAS is a solution provider for naval hardware and software including design, development, testing, manufacturing and integration. The products and services to be used in combat management, navigation, electronic warfare and sonar systems of both surface vessels and submarines are:

  • Multi-function consoles
  • Electronic unit cabinets and racks
  • Automated target detection and tracking system
  • Radar, communication and video networks
  • Junction boxes

C4I systems

AYESAS develops turnkey C4I system solutions aligned with NATO Standards. These systems mainly include turnkey air defence systems, coastal surveillance systems, communication networks, video and data networks and recording / playback systems and more. Starting from the requirement analysis followed by in depth system design, all the integration, implementation, SW development and HW provision are covered by AYESAS.

AYESAS supports customers with cutting-edge technologies from concept to deployment by providing software engineering and integration, software development, sustainment, modernisation and training. Based on proven experience in C4I technologies, AYESAS is able to translate customers' operational requirements into mission effective systems sustaining those throughout the entire life cycle.

Target detection and tracking systems

AYESAS provides automated target detection and tracking system solutions. Solutions include fusion of various types of radars and sensors data. From system design and development to integration with main command and control system is performed. AYESAS incorporates her genuine algorithms for target detection and measurement formation and for tracking and data fusion.

Multi function consoles and cabinets

AYESAS provides electromechanical products and systems. Design and development of these products and systems are completely performed in-house. AYESAS is a designated and leading provider of rugged naval multi-function consoles and electronic cabinets. Electromechanical capabilities are design to spec basis and various products and systems are used in helicopter modernisation programmes, frigate modernisation programmes, submarines, surface ships and land-based naval applications.

Maritime / coastal surveillance systems

AYESAS develops maritime / coastal surveillance systems solutions, which comprises sensor control and sensor data fusion. In-house developed multi-sensor data fusion algorithms provide not only white (without identification) but also recognised maritime pictures (with identification and classification). The generated pictures are published by using Service Oriented Architecture principles. The clients can reach the tactical data anywhere inside the network based on their privileges.

One of the important purposes to develop CSR solution is to provide fused data derived from the tactical environment to the authorised decision makers in a secured manner. AYESAS also incorporated to these solutions her own design Tactical Display System, which is developed to display tactical battle space objects on a digital map such as S-57 for military applications and to establish Common Operational Picture.

Software is capable of receiving data from various sensors and display data on various types of vector maps. It provides layered map display feature to select the best situational awareness by the operator. Software is open to adaptation to new vector maps and sensors.

Junction boxes

AYESAS supplies junction boxes to be used in various types of sonar's. Junction boxes are designed to work under severe environmental conditions. AYESAS conducts all electrical and environmental tests, including hydrostatic pressure tests in house.

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