Leonardo and RADA complete merger to form new public company

RADA will have a 19.5% ownership stake in the new company while Leonardo will own the remaining 80.5%.

RCN launches fourth Harry DeWolf-class AOPS HMCS William Hall

Delivery of the fourth AOPS to the RCN is expected to take place next year.

GRSE/L&T launch Indian Navy’s third survey vessel large Ikshak

The SVL ships will help in gathering oceanographic and geophysical data.

Mind and matter: the application of brain computer interfaces

Augmenting a person’s cognitive ability by artificial means is becoming more science fact that science fiction, with defence personnel likely to benefit.

BAE Systems begins float-off process for UK’s first Type 26 frigate

Float off is a modern, low-risk process for entering a ship into water, unlike old dynamic launches.