VARD presents a zero-carbon range of renewable energy-driven vessels

Ships that can be called fully ‘green’ don’t just use alternative fuels for power but need to be radical redesigns from the hull up.

HII delivers US Navy’s future destroyer USS Lenah Sutcliffe Higbee

DDG 123 is a Flight IIA destroyer that features Aegis Combat System to defeat a variety of adversaries.

Navantia, Saudi MoD and GAMI sign MoU for RSNF’s new combat ships

The new warships will enhance the RSNF’s readiness to carry out maritime security missions in the region.

USMC and Royal Thai Military begin joint EOD training in Thailand

The training is part of DoD’s HMA programme that aims to assist partner nations’ forces in safe disposal of landmines.

The age of multi-domain training platforms

As military operations evolve into grey zone, cyber, and multi-domain operations, training concepts and systems too have to advance in order to prepare operators for the battlefields of the future.