• Australia’s Submarine Dream

    In 2009, Australia laid down its intentions to replace its six existing Collins Class submarines with 12 advanced craft. Albrecht Muller dives deep to sound out this ambitious programme.

  • Strength in Depth: Sonar Technology

    Sonar is a vital technology for naval defence organisations, both above and below the surface. Chris Lo talks to Peter Don-Duncan of Thales UK about the company's new sonar upgrade...

  • The Cheonan Investigation

    Dr Gareth Evans takes a closer look at the technologies used to determine the fate of South Korea's Cheonan.

  • Korea After Cheonan

    Gareth Evans takes a closer look at the 26 March Cheonan sinking. While it may not have dissolved the ceasefire that has kept the two Koreas from war for nearly...

  • The Future Carriers

    The UK, China, India and the US have all embarked upon major carrier programmes that will transform their navies. Dan Heaton reports.


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