“In October, it is believed that the Brazilian Navy will announce the winner of the first phase of the coveted SisGAAz contract. Coupled with this, the Brazilian Army are continuing to procure radar and sensor equipment as part of their SISFRON program and at the start of this year, the Peruvian Armed Forces announced the launch of their Sivan surveillance system to provide enhanced domain awareness across Peruvian and Amazonian territory.

With each of the these projects valued at over $1 Billion, the newly released agenda for Defence IQ’s Coastal and Border Surveillance Latin America (October 27-29, 2015, Rio de Janeiro) is delighted to welcome the heads of each of these projects, amongst other representatives from Latin America, coming together to discuss:
* New requirements for maritime patrol aircraft upgrades and mission systems to enhance future capability with presentations from military including the Brazilian Navy discussing SisGAAz updates
* The Brazilian Army’s need to cooperate and control borders with enhanced communication systems,and the role programs such as SISFRON will play in combatting illicit activity
* The requirements behind the SIVAN program and future technologies of interest to the project, including radar, sensor and satellite communication requirements to complement future missions
* The need for collaboration in trade and trade promotion, assessing how foreign firms can leverage in-country relationships to access the South American market

View the full speaker and session line up at www.surveillancelatinamerica.com, call +44 (0)20 7036 1300 or email enquire@defenceiq.com. “