“With Military operations in Afghanistan having drawn to a close at the end of 2014, Medical evacuation services are now increasingly operating in austere environments and facing new medical and logistical challenges. Such challenges include a lack of quality, local medical facilities and the consequent impact has on evacuation procedures, a need to execute complex medical procedures in flight whilst repatriating patients, and the absence of standardisation of MEDEVAC capabilities/procedures across nations to facilitate coordinated action between aid providers.

To meet this shift in operational tempo, Defence IQ is delighted to announce the return of our 4th Annual MEDEVAC conference in October 2015. The symposium will continue to provide a tailored opportunity to discuss the specialised services provided by MEDEVAC teams, as well as providing an insight into the current challenges and impending requirements of MEDEVAC specialists from around the world.

With dedicated exhibition facilities and networking sessions, it is the perfect place for senior military and industry partners to debate the changing face and future needs of MEDEVAC services.”