“The summit will once again provide 150+ Policy Makers, Chiefs of Staff, ISR Commanders, Acquisition Executives and Industry Leaders from the USA and across the globe with their Annual General Meeting. The meeting will once again evaluate the challenges and success shaping Airborne ISR and C2 Battle Management for the current dynamic world of conflict and into the future.

The proliferation of Airborne ISR technologies over the past decade of conflict in the Middle East and Central Asia has led to these assets becoming a mission critical component in operations. With new operating environments come new threat types and new capability challenges. In order to maintain battlefield dominance the US Armed Forces needs to take the global lead and strive for intelligence generation, analysis and dissemination excellence.

With this challenge in mind the summit will focus on 3 specific elements:

*Acquisition and development of next generation ISR and C2 Battle Management assets such JSTARS, UClass and DCGS to ensure capability superiority
*Alignment of Dod strategies with Process, Exploitation and Dissemination technological developments in order to provide timely, accurate and effective intelligence products
*International engagement and the building of mutually beneficial partnerships to solve challenges with transparent information sharing, the quality of shared post analysis products and use coalitions to maintain capability

To share and explore their thoughts on these discussion points, the conference will host an exceptional speaker faculty made up of senior officers from the Department of Defense, Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines in addition to the US’s global allies.”