The north has proven to be an attractive and resourceful location for defence/industry with close links to the Asia Pacific, a strong economy, existing military presence & capabilities, and accessible land which together provide many opportunities for growth and development in the region.
Now in its second year, the 2014 summit will have a theme and focus on ��_Building sustainable and productive Defence Industry in Northern Australia’ and will examine major projects, joint initiatives, the 2015 defence white paper, opportunities, issues and challenges facing defence and industry. The event will hear from senior military officers, government officials, defence suppliers, think tanks, industry experts, associations/agencies, consultants and academics.
Some of the key topics to be addressed include:
The economic outlook in Northern Australia and implications for defence industry
Current and future major projects
Sustaining military development and industry innovation
US marine corp deployment and joint capability coordination in the NT
Border protection and surveillance
Defending critical infrastructure and resources
Optimising joint logistics support in the region
Infrastructure development and maintenance