The procurement of non-military equipment and infrastructure will continue to become increasingly prevalent in supporting the personnel and operational requirements of our defence forces. With the nature of the combat environment being highly changeable and notoriously unpredictable, it is essential to have a dynamic and accommodating support strategy and risk mitigation plan in place in order to facilitate optimum performance and operational efficiency on the front line.
The 2014 summit had a theme and focus on ��_Leveraging constructive partnerships for optimised defence support’ and will examine government policy, current legislation, non-materiel procurement and defence/industry engagement, in building a long term strategic outlook for defence support in Australia. The event heard from the senior leadership team from the Defence Support and Reform Group, non-materiel vendors, government officials, industry experts from relevant associations/agencies, academics, think tank’s and consultants. Current trends, defence infrastructure, strategic planning, risk mitigation and prevention, industry case studies, and best practices in supporting defence are all items to be discussed in what is an essential function of the defence department.