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Richard B Gasparre

Britain’s Independent Deterrent

Can the UK continue its future as a maritime power without its at-sea deterrence capabilities? Richard Gasparre investigates.

All Aboard the Cyber Bandwagon

Will Obama’s new military cyberspace command really put an end to cyber attacks? Richard Gasparre investigates.

The Giant Awakes: China’s Military Rise

China, to some degree, owes its military growth to US consumerism. Richard B Gasparre looks at China’s recent military spend, R&D and its effect around the world.

Is ‘Naval Guerrilla’ an Oxymoron?

Richard B Gasparre looks at whether or not guerilla warfare can really take place on the high-seas.

A New Wave of Warfare

The notion of new-wave warfare will have dramatic implications for tomorrow’s naval fleets. Richard B Gasparre reports.