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Norbert Neumann is the senior defence writer for Global Defence Technology and its sister websites. He joined after acquiring a degree in journalism and spending a short period with Times Radio's news team.

The next level of simulation training: enter the defence metaverse

Norbert Neumann finds out about the metaverse and its potential for defence applications such as military training.

Will future wars be fought with missiles and rockets?

China and Russia have been successfully testing hypersonic systems but the US has been struggling to develop its own. Where is this arms race heading?

Anti-surface warfare helicopters are here to stay

Continuous sizable investment in helicopters with anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare capabilities indicates that they remain key to naval operations.

QinetiQ paves the way to net-zero

Defence plays a huge role in combating climate change as both its active and passive emissions are amongst the highest globally.

Securing the rare earth supply chain is crucial for defence

Some of the most modern defence equipment relies on parts made of rare earth elements. The majority of the planet’s reserves, however, is found in China, making the US and other nations heavily dependent on imports. Norbert Neumann looks at the importance of rare earths and ways the US is trying to weaken reliance on Chinese imports.

New Zealand sells two retired vessels to Ireland

The partnership with Babcock will see the maintenance and upgrade works of the retired ships and comes in addition to the NZDF-Babcock MFSS contract.

Cyberwarfare at sea: are navies safe?

Cyberattacks are analogous to physical warfare; the success of an offensive will determine its detrimental effect.

Near Future Submarines built in the Italian way

The new boats built under the U212 Near Future Submarine programme will support the country’s treaty commitments, including maritime security and counter-piracy.

Magazine: Future soldier systems

In this issue: Australia’s Land 125 phase 4 integrated soldier system, the technology supporting dismounted combat, Russia’s Ratnik soldier system, defence industry 2022 predictions, land vehicle electrification and more.

Quad efforts that keep the Chinese Navy awake at night

The number of PLAN battleships is projected to reach 400 by the middle of this decade and the force is already constructing its third aircraft carrier. We explore what Indo-Pacific countries do to combat the emerging threat.