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How will the UK MoD pay for Trident in an era of funding gaps?

The UK National Audit Office expects the total cost of the Trident nuclear submarine programme to hit £50.9bn – £2.9bn over budget – on top of the £3bn the MoD has already had to find in efficiency savings. Julian Turner asks how further cutbacks can be made without compromising Trident’s mission.

Deep impact: inside the UK’s new Successor-Class nuclear submarine

Detailed design work is underway on the UK Royal Navy’s next-generation nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine. Julian Turner reports on the Successor’s Rolls-Royce-powered nuclear propulsion system, next-generation hull design concepts and enhanced missile capability.

Sea change: the F125 frigate

The German Navy’s F125 frigate could be sent to sea in early 2017, and won’t return to its home port for up to two years. Elly Earls meets Commander Andreas Jedlicka to find
out how the next-generation vessel’s long deployment time, as well as its varied operational requirements, have impacted everything from crew structure to weapon specifications.

Bespoke bomb disposal – Q&A with Ramora CEO David Welch

Bomb disposal techniques honed by the UK Royal Navy are being used to protect commercial shipping operations. Julian Turner talks to David Welch, CEO of explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) specialist Ramora UK, about innovations in bomb disposal technology, the escalating threat of IEDs and the changing nature of maritime security.