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John Hill

President’s Budget 2024: Where does the US Navy stand?

US Navy officials detail their fiscal priorities in light of the FY 2024 budget which balances the industrial base and the Indo-Pacific theatre.

Reinforcing the MQ-4C maritime ISR capability

Northrop Grumman will provide further support for the US and Australian MQ-4C UAS fleets to ensure the assets are mission-capable for ISR missions.

China’s Navy launches new destroyers at Dalian shipyard

China’s blue-water naval capabilities begin to show some results as its navy launches two of its latest Type 052D destroyers at Dalian.

US prepares MK 48 torpedoes as Chinese threat looms

The US prepares itself and its Asia-Pacific allies with MK 48 torpedoes intended for use in the South China Sea as tensions build for conflict against China.

Russia-Ukraine war is a “wake-up call” for UK to engage with EU security

A UK Foreign Affairs Committee discussed whether engaging with EU institutions serves as a gateway to security coordination or surrendering national agency.

USS Nitze undergoes developments as US Navy aims to modernise

As destroyers take a lot of time and money to build, thought is going into the US Navy’s strategy for modernisation in an age that values new technologies and weapon systems.

The US makes a move on its next generation DDG(X) destroyers

US Department of Defense awards design conception contract for new destroyers to Gibbs & Cox; the production of this large surface combatant will prove necessary as China continues to flex its muscles in the South China Sea.

UAE implements two-pronged plan to expand and modernise

The UAE’s cumulative defence investment is expected to surpass $129bn between 2024-28 reflecting their plans to modernise their capability in the Middle East and to harness worldwide industry collaboration.

US Navy and General Atomics modify MQ-9A contract to include enhanced GCS

The MQ-9 Reaper is the go-to UAV for ISR missions, and the US Navy wants to get the best out of them.