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Naval future proofing: the Type 26

Due to set sail from 2021, the multirole Type 26 frigate will succeed the Type 23 as the workhorse of the future Royal Navy, but what do we know about this versatile vessel? Elly Earls investigates.

Dire straits: Western sanctions and the Strait of Hormuz

In January 2012, Iran threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz if Western sanctions blocked its oil exports, prompting declarations from the West that such an action would not be tolerated and that it would increase its naval presence in the region. David Roberts and Lee Willett of the Royal United Services Institute talk to Elly Earls about how the situation has developed.

The changing face of sonar: multipurpose sonar developments

Subsurface situational awareness is a critical element of any naval force’s operational capabilities. Ralf Siegfried, director of systems design at sonar systems expert L-3 ELAC Nautik, analyses the latest developments in this evolving field.

ICT efficiency drive: Royal Navy DCNS

The British armed forces are upgrading the way they carry out ICT. Nigel Ash talks to Commodore Jamie Hay of the Royal Navy, who reveals more about this extensive project, which will provide significant savings through the Defence Core Network Service programme.

Command, control and intelligence to 2021: the global C2/C4ISR market

The global C2/C4ISR market is expected to grow by almost 3% a year up until 2021. ICD Research analyses future trends.

Logistics and the bottom line: coping with budget cuts

Against a backdrop of budget cuts, the UK military is facing logistical challenges, most notably the task of exiting Afghanistan with a diminishing number of assets. Major General (Ret’d) David Shouesmith, former assistant chief of defence staff for logistic operations, tells Abi Millar how financial constraints and operational developments are shaping the evolution of logistical capabilities.