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Sizing up the US Navy’s future Guided Missile Frigate designs

Design concept contracts for the US Navy’s next-generation missile frigates have been awarded to five bidders. But how do these bids compare?

Scanning the Dutch navy

Keeping its vessels in top condition is a critical aspect of a naval force’s readiness, but to do so each part, little or big, needs full attention. Claire Apthorp looks at a project to scan the entire Dutch Navy in 3D.

Type 26: all systems go

UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon recently announced the signing of a contract worth around £3.7b to start building the Royal Navy’s much anticipated Type 26 frigates. The complex deal has its pundits and detractors, but how will the ships stack up against potential adversaries? Claire Apthorp finds out.

The future of Littoral warfare

Autonomous vehicles, augmented reality systems and advanced wireless networks were among over 50 new technologies showcased during a recent US military exercise. Claire Apthorp tuned in as experts from industry, academia and the Naval Research and Development Establishment came together to explore new avenues across five areas of amphibious beach landing operations.

Gerald R Ford: Ready or not?

The US Navy’s Gerald R Ford carrier is suffering from a number of issues which could affect major areas of flight operations, rendering it “not ready for warfare”, according to a Department of Defense memo obtained by Bloomberg News. The $12.9bn Ford may struggle to launch and recover aircraft, mount a defence and move munitions, all rather significant problems for a project already two years off schedule, as Claire Apthorp finds out.

US Marine Corp’s ACV competition: profiling the contenders

Testing for the US Marine Corps’ Amphibious Combat Vehicle increment 1.1 programme is now underway, with contenders lining up to replace the force’s battle-weary Assault Amphibious Vehicle fleet. Two teams have been awarded EMD contracts for the competition, which is shaping up as one to watch despite several misfires in its conception over the last decade. Claire Apthorp finds out more.

Skeldar: breathing new life into the VTOL UAV market

The Skeldar V-200 has served as an essential maritime asset in the EU NAVFOR mission against piracy and armed robbery off the Horn of Africa and in the Western Indian Ocean. Claire Apthorp speaks to manufacturer UMS Skeldar about the growing importance of UAVs for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance purposes within the maritime industry.

Ironing out the ‘snags’ on the UK Navy’s Type 45 destroyers

The Type 45 destroyers, the UK Navy’s most advanced warships, have had their fair share of troubles. Just recently it was revealed that “total electric failures are common” and that the propulsion system often needs repairs. The whole fleet is set to undergo a thorough overhaul in 2019, but just how far will this go and how big is the bill likely to be? Claire Apthorp takes a closer look at the present and future of the Type 45.